Photo of speaker Emerald Fisk

Your host: Emerald Fisk

Emerald specialises in the buy, refurbish and refinance strategy and has built a portfolio using a mixture of investor finance and bridging. That’s well over £1.5 million raised in 4 short years (that’s also over £150k paid in interest!). In Emerald’s early days she was a shiny penny chaser and has tried every awesome property strategy there is. Alongside building her portfolio Emerald has found her passion within financial services, and she absolutely loves working day to day as a Mortgage Advisor; specialising in working with clients who are building their property portfolios.

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Post Lockdown Property Investing Is Here!

Don’t wait another year to get into property, take action and make that commitment today, because if you're not fully committed to mastering property, it's going to hurt you.

While many investors, particularly first timers, are struggling to find below market value deals for flipping or renting out, a small group of private but hard working beginners in the Progressive Community have been making job replacing incomes all throughout lockdown and you can too.

The 'secret'? It's all about knowing what to look for, where, and when.

So let's sort out your property investing strategy, your goals and getting you the results you want once and for all.

What Are You Going To Learn?

We will be sharing with you the cashflow strategies that the real successful property investors are using right now, including...

  • How to get started in property in 2022
  • Many different strategies YOU can use depending on your circumstances, including the Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance strategy
  • How to do this with little money of your own or by using other people’s money
  • All with a live Q&A at the end to get your personal questions answered
  • And more!

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